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one day robots will cry

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my bio
Hello, I'm Hazy. Among other things I'm a fangirl and a geek, and I'm really old enough to know better, but here I am anyway. I should mention up front that some of my LJ insanity revolves around slash, so if the idea of two (or more!) guys or gals in a homosexual relationship bugs you, I think you'd prefer to move along now. Still here? Good. :) This LJ is semi-FO. My fairly irregular fandom posts are mostly open and unlocked, but I do lock more personal posts. If for some wild reason you'd like to read these posts too, please comment to let me know you're friending me. If I think we've got things in common I'll add you back. Or please feel free to friend my art/graphics journal etc. (see below). ETA: I don't spend a lot of time here much anymore but do still check in occasionally.

my empire

hazyhorizons {graphics/art LJ}
diff3rent_light {vid LJ - joint run by me & J}
imeem {my vids}
DeviantArt {more of my art}

my thanks
Resources (bases, brushes etc) used for my icons and digital art are credited here.

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